Classical Migraine Headache


Migraine headache has no bar, be it sex, age. Any individual can get afflicted by this painful distressing malady. But it is found that females are more prone to it then male counterpart.


The Migraine headache is characterized by periodic headaches, typically unilateral, often associated with visual disturbance and vomiting.

In classical Migraine headache, visual or sensory symptoms called aura accompany the headache, these are like flushing or zigzagging light sensation or looking through water, blurred vision, the print is not readable.

In Common Migraine there is no visual or sensory feature but there is nausea, vomiting and photophobia.

In Basilar Migraine, occipital headache is preceded by Vertigo and diplopia.

In Hemiplegic Migraine there is prolonged headache lasting hours or days, followed by hemi paresis.

Cause / Triggering factors:

" One of the important factors which trigger the Migraine is stress which may be mental or physical. It is found that Migraine attach triggered off by negative emotions like anxiety, tension, apprehension, anger, etc. It is found that certain food articles such as cheese, milk, alcohol, pork, tea, coffee and chocolate are responsible for triggering of the attack.

Causes (my views): After treating successfully (total cure) number of cases suffering for a period of 3 to 15 years with my "natural pain cure" method coupled with some diet restriction, I certainly state that the main cause of the malady is due to weakening of blood vessels, nerves and muscles in the scalp region which in turn is caused due to accumulation of waste and morbid materials. These accumulations are caused due to unhealthy life style, sedentary habits and consuming excessive quantity of junk fast foods-Negative and dead foods.

Treatment My "Natural pain cure" method improves blood and lymph circulation around these areas, increases oxygen intake, gives vibratory massage / exercise to the affected areas, stimulate chakras and acupuncture points, which help cleansing the areas of toxic accumulations if any, which help strengthening the muscles, nerve and blood vessels around these areas. These factors help relieving the malady in about 20 to 30 sittings only.

Case Reports

1. Mrs. Maria A. Saldhana/50yrs (Mapusa Goa India ) She suffered for 8 years very severe classical Migraine headache not responding to any other treatment. She was relieved completely seven years back and no further treatment was needed till now. She recommended my treatment to many patients.

2. Reema Prabhudessai/35yrs (Margao, Goa India) She suffered migraine for about 3 years or so. She tried all other treatment but failed. My treatment cured her completely about 5 years back and no recurrence till now.

3. Mr. Lawrencso D'Souza (Thane, Mumbai India ) Chronic migraine headache not responding to any other treatment .relieved six years back with my natural treatment

4. Mr. Mininho( Siketim, Navelim, Goa India) : Chronic classical migraine headache, not responding to other treatment cured 5- years back.

5. Mrs. Indira Poi (Margao, Goa India) : Severe migraine headache for long duration which was not responding to other treatments relieved completely in one month.

6. Regina Pereira (Benaulim, Goa India ) : Severe migraine headache of more than 10years that was not responding to other treatments relieved 2 years back and no recurrence till now.