Impotence / Sexual Weakness


Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the repeated inability to get an erection for sexual intercourse. The erection process involves the brain, nerve impulses and the blood vessels, mainly the penile arteries and hormones. Blood vessels and nerve impulses play a major role in causing the erection. Sexual stimuli reaching the brain cause it to send the message via the spinal cord to the penis. These messages - electric impulses - cause the penile arteries to engorge with blood. When a man is sexually excited, blood from all parts of the body is directed towards the organ and the penile arteries are filled with sufficient amount of blood and erection is caused. The degree of potency or erection depends upon the amount of blood supplied to the penile arteries. The more the blood directed towards these arteries the more the potency. Impotency means lack of blood supply or weak blood circulation.



Diabetes, hardening of arteries (Arteriosclerosis) which diminishes the flow of the blood to the genitary organs and surgery to the prostate gland can cause impotency. Some medicines such as hypertensive drugs and sleeping pills are also responsible for causing impotency. Abuse and misuse of sexual organs over a long period can cause impotency, so also the devitalizing condition of the system. In young adults, lack of self-confidence is a causative factor. Psychological problems like depression causes less interest in the act which ultimately causes impotency.



My mode of treatment consisting of several therapies used at a time in clinic is found highly effective as it improves blood and lymph circulation tremendously. It also stimulates acupuncture points, chakras and sex centre’s located in the brain and spinal cord that help cleansing (detoxification) of the whole genitory system. This is essential factor for normal functioning of the genitory system. This mode of treatment is also found equally effective in other diseases such as premature ejaculation, low sperm count, infertility, etc. It is found that many sufferers consume alcohol to improve their performance in the act. But regular use of alcohol is harmful which will cause the malfunctioning of the genitory organs and therefore alcohol must be avoided. Initially alcohol will dilate the blood vessels but in the long run it leads to narrowing the passage within the penile arteries as well as thickening of the blood. This will impede the supply of the blood of the penis causing erectile dysfunction.



You may be under the impression that high-heat foods like eggs, mutton, cheese, butter help in overcoming the problem. But this is not true. On the contrary, such diets cause hyperacidity of the whole system and the blood will have excessive amount of waste matter such as uric acid and cholesterol which will cause weak blood circulation and the nervous system will be also be affected which will aggravate the existing condition. You are advised to take more positive than negative foods.