Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of central nervous system that impairs the sufferers' motor skills and speech as well as other (non motor) function.


Motor symptoms are tremours, rigidity, slowness or absence of movement, postural instability (failure of postural reflexes which leads to impaired balance) and shuffling (short steps are taken due to fear of falling down)
Mood disturbance, depression, apathy and cognitive and sleep disturbances are some of non motor symptoms


It is caused by the disorder of the central nervous system. Though exact cause of the disease is not known it is believed that it is deficiency of neuro hormone dopamine and / or excess of another hormone acetylcholine.

My view
I strongly feel that the destruction of the cells of substantia nigra, is caused primarily due to accumulation of foreign matters - unnatural chemicals - pollutions - toxins, waste and morbid matters


My mode of treatment is directed towards eliminating the root cause of the malady i.e. cleansing / detoxifying the brain tissues from accumulated foreign matters, waste and morbid matters and parasite if any. that help normalizing the function of the brain tissues