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In today’s stressful and competitive pace of life chronic / degenerative diseases have become part and parcel of life. The pace of life that we live in, we look for a quick solution to our problems and sometimes expensive treatments in the hope that price would justify the efficacy of treatment. However every quick treatment only looks at the symptoms and does not get into the root problem as a result of which the problem is soon to reappear with the result in another quick treatment and the cycle follows. Thus the patients find themselves badly disappointed. This leads to believe that chronic degenerative diseases are incurable by other systems of treatment.


I would like to introduce you to Natural Holistic mode of treatment (Naturopathy / Magnetobiology therapy/ Vibro therapy/ Acupressure therapy/Pyramid therapy/Chakra therapy etc.) where your symptoms are listened only long enough to get to the root of problems and try to fix it in natural and complete manner. The treatment stimulates Acupressure/Acupuncture points without pricking the points with needles. I therefore call my unique method as Magnetic Acupressure Therapy. This treatment is most modern, safe, painless and effective mean of the non-pharmaceutical treatment. One of the greatest advantages is that there are absolutely no side effects of the treatment. In most cases only 15 to 20 days treatment in clinic is needed to overcome these diseases whereas the other systems needs months and years for some relief. The above method tremendously improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. It eliminates waste and morbid matter and toxins accumulated in the system (DETOXIFICATION) and strengthen vitality-vital force-immunity of the body. The above method also normalizes the function of the most of the body systems like nervous, glandular, respiratory genitourinary, skeletal, muscular etc.


I have pleasure to inform you that I have successfully treated a large number of Slipped Disc cases majority of which were declared Surgical by renowned orthopaedic surgeons. I have also successfully treated other chronic diseases like Spondylosis, Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Asthma, Migraine headache, Sciatica , Sleeplessness, Depression, High cholesterol, Facial paralysis, Long standing Accidental Pain, Impotence, Heel Pain, High Uric Acid, Allergy, Stomach/Liver diseases, Varicose veins, Gout, Painful periods, Cramps in legs, Burning feet, High BP, Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease etc.

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