Tennis elbow is a condition where outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender and is commonly associated with playing tennis.


The cause of pain in the elbow is due to strain, where the wrist has to be extended again and again as is done in the game of tennis ,cricket etc.


Constant ache which gets worse in the night, causing disturbance of sleep, difficulty to pour a cup of coffee or tea or water for him, difficulty to close the fist tightly or even in grabbing and lifting heavy things with his hand from the ground are main symptoms. The pain may radiate along at the back of the forearm and may go as far as the wrist or back of the hand.


My Natural Pain Cure Therapy treatment is found extremely effective in bone, muscles and nerves diseases, all diseases caused due to weak blood circulation. It is also called as Natural Pain Cure Therapy as it cures pain caused due to any causative factors.


Case Reports
1. Mr. Mohan Naik, Jemini Hotel, Station Road, Margao, Ph. No. 2752476, aged about 55 years, suffering from Tennis Elbow for 3 years or so. The pain was unbearable. He could not lift any heavy pots of cooked food. He has taken treatment from many Orthopaedic surgeons. After ordinary pain killer failed, he took Steroid injection, the effect of which was temporary. Then he took my treatment through recommendation of his friend. He started getting relief very fast and in 20 sittings, the pain has completely disappeared. It is already 8 to 10 years passed and there is no recurrence.
2. Mr. Joe Noronha, Colva: chronic pain in both elbow, could not lift even 5 kilos of weight without experiencing pain, not responding to other treatments relieved completely about 2 years back.