Asthma is an attack of shortness of breadth in which there is difficulty in expelling air from the chest, difficulty in breathing with suffocation.


It has no single cause. The allergens are primary offenders. The most common allergens (substances that causes allergy) are mold, pollen, grain, tobacco, smoking and animal dander, dust mite (that thrives in curtain, blankets and carpets). Some persons are allergic to milk, wheat, some proteins, shell fish etc.

Cause of Asthma (my view) : After successfully treating many cases suffering from 7 to 15 years or so I say that the principal cause of the malady is accumulation of foreign matters - pollutions (external and internal) - unnatural chemicals - toxins, waste and morbid materials of metabolism (which consists of various harmful irritating acids) and parasites / worms (as they suck valuable nutrients and release toxic chemicals in the system) may be causative factor in a few cases.


The onset of attack is sudden. Great difficulty in breathing especially in expiration is the main symptom.

The attack is usually accompanied by pale cheeks, dilated nostrils and blueness of lips. The pulse is rapid and there is marked perspiration. The breathing is not rapid but it is laboured and noisy and wheezing/whistling.


My mode of treatment consists of combination of various drugless therapies. Thus with combination of different treatment modalities detoxify the respiratory tract and vitality of the tract is improved considerably that help normalizing the functions of the tract. Which help curing the malady almost permanently that too within 35 days or so, without an aid of any drugs/medicines.

Case Reports

1. Mr. X, Candolim, teacher by profession, aged about 30 : He said he was getting shortness of breathe for last 15 years or so when he was studying in S.S.C. and that he has to use inhaler and drugs daily which only partially relieved the symptoms. I started treating him in April 2002 and to his surprise, the malady was totally relieved in 35 days only and there is no recurrence till now (up to May 2008).

2. Mr. Y, 12th standard student, 18 years, 7 years old asthma, not responding to any treatment. He has to take 3 allopathic tables such as Dyrophyline etc) which were not giving much relief. The patient was treated for 20 days only and got almost total relief.

3. Mrs. Z, Chinchinim, aged 64: Very chronic asthma. Medicine gave her only temporary relief. She was treated for period of one month or so. After about 6 months later she visited me specially and said that she is perfectly alright and that she stopped taking all the medicines.