Sportsmen can suffer from fracture, dislocation, tendonitis, muscle tear, muscle cramps, sprained ankle, lumbar sprain, epicondylitis, collar bone fracture, plantar fasciitis etc. In An athlete or a sportsman is confronted with injuries to his muscles, ligaments, tendon (soft tissues), bones, blood vessels and nerves; and sport injuries are broadly classified as traumatic or overuse injuries.

Swelling, pain, tenderness and deformity are indicative of fracture. Restricted movement, swelling in the joint, pain and misshaping appearance indicates dislocation.
In epicondylitis you get pain in elbow accompanied by tenderness in the inner or outer part of elbow and forearm and a weak and painful grasp.
Localised pain just below the knee may be due to pettellar tendonitis.
Runner's knee is painful condition generally associated with running.
In plantar fasciitis you get pain along the inner and along the arc of the foot, occasionally accompanied by stiffness and numbness in the heel. March fracture develops in the bones of foot when extreme stress is continuously placed on the ball of foot.



My speacial mode of treatment because it improves blood and limb circulation extra-ordinarily and increases oxygen intake considerably that help regeneration of the affected tissues which help healing injuired parts.

I have observed that, now a day, almost every sportsman fall prey to injuries even without much overstraining and even minor injuries, can incapacitates him for a long period, which was not occurring about 15 to 20 years back. This clearly indicates that their bodies are not in proper shape / health. In recent times almost every food article is loaded with foreign bodies - unnatural chemicals etc. that affect proper absorption of valuable nutrient in your system making your muscular, skeletal system weak. I found almost every sportsman indulge in soft drink that make their bone, muscles, soft and weak therefore should be avoided.


Case Reports

(1) Anastade Fernandes from Cuncolim fell from the coconut tree six months back. The accident caused terrible pain to the lower back which persisted despite being admitted in the hospital and taking pain-killer drugs and physiotherapy treatment. His friend Santosh Naik recommended 'Pulso-Magneto-Vibro-Acu-Masso-Chakra-Pyramid' therapy. After taking the treatment for about 20 days the pain in the back completely disappeared and after a few months he could climb the trees freely, without any discomfort. It is already 4 years passed and the patient is fully fit.

(2) Jayant Kakode also from Cuncolim met with an accident six years ago which caused him pain in the upper back. The pain persisted despite taking pain-killer drugs, using belt and taking physiotherapy treatment. He could not bend his back nor do any hard work. He took only 20 days treatment of 'Pulso-Magneto-Vibro-Acu-Masso-Chakra-Pyramid' therapy and became totally fit. Now he can lift heavy objects easily, bend his back as a normal person. It is already more than five years and he is free from trouble.

(3) Mr. Santosh Naik, Cuncolim: He met with an accident and his one hand was badly affected and despite pain killers and physiotherapy he could not bend his fingers (they became very stiff). One 25 days treatment was enough to improve mobility of his finger.