Frozen shoulder is a condition where a shoulder becomes extremely painful and stiff and sometimes completely frozen. It interferes with your daily routine works such as dressing, washing, combing or sleeping even scratching the back or putting your hands in a rear pocket may become difficult.


Pain and stiffness in the shoulder.

The pain may spread down to the elbow, which is usually worse at night and increases further if the patient lies on the same side.

The affected person cannot raise his hand more than 30 to 40 degrees and rotate the arm.


Though the exact cause of the malady is not known, I strongly feel that the primary cause of frozen shoulder is due to toxic state of the body - accumulation of waste and morbid materials.

Unhealthy life styles and sedentary habits also play a role in developing the malady.

Precipitating factors are getting wet or cold air, remaining in AC constantly for a long period.


My "Natural Pain Cure" mode of treatment improves blood and lymph circulation extraordinarily and helps increased intake of oxygen over 30% or so that help carrying away accumulated waste and morbid matters, foreign bodies from the shoulder which help mitigating inflammatory condition in shoulder joint.

To reduce the stiffness, pain and inflammation in the affected joint one should take light exercise regularly.

Take plenty of fruits and vegetables and should avoid excessive consumption of fast junk foods.

Case Reports

1. Mr. Mangaldas Alve (Station Road, Near Old Railway Station, Margao Goa) Severe chronic frozen shoulder, pain in left wrist, pain the left elbow not responding to any other treatment relieved totally about 15 years back and no further treatment were needed till now.

2. Mrs. Lola Pereira, (Nuvem Goa India Ph. 08322724002) Frozen shoulder (right) knee pain and spondylitis relieved about 6 years back completely. No recurrence till now.

3. Mrs. Santana D'Silva (Mandop Goa India Ph.0832276535) She suffered the malady for nearly 9 years or so. No medicine could give any relief. She was treated in clinic for 20 days only and cured completely 2 years back.