Back Pain



The back problems are the most common complaints among Goan and Indian people. The major cause of backache, of course, is due to disease of spine, like cervical and lumbar spondylosis, spondylitis, slipped disc, ankylosing spondylitis, sciatica etc. One of the principal causes especially of upper backache is due to wrong posture of sitting, sleeping, walking, etc.

Cause (my views)
The major cause of the malady is due to weakness caused our skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory systems which in turn caused due to overindulgence in junk fast foods and oily food stuffs.
Typists, housewives, drivers, engineers are most likely to suffer upper backache due to wrong posture.

Ideal mode of treatment for back pain and all the diseases where pain is main symptoms (such as slipped disc, arthritis, sciatica, migraine headache, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder etc.) is my own devised method i.e. 'Natural Pain Cure Method'. The therapy with above conditions helps regeneration of degenerated tissues and help curing the malady quickly.

Case Reports
1. Rajshekhar Bhangera 36/5 VASALA APTS Tarun Bharat Society-Chakala Andheri (E) Mumbai India 400099 Mob. No.: 8097041814 Landline: 022 66989127 I am writing to express my gratitude to Dr. Bandodkar for restoring back my quality of my life. I was diagnosed with slipped DISC with sciatica following an MRI at Holy Spirit Hospital Mumbai. (MRI Report L5-S1 level- left Para central disc protrusion impinging on traversing nerve root associated with left facetal joint arthopathy and hypertrophied ligamentum flavum. I was experience immobilizing and electrical shooting nerve pain in my back and leg. The pain was so intense that had I had lot of difficulty in sitting, standing and walking. I consulted many orthopaedic doctors from Mumbai but none were able to treat me successfully. I even tried Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatmentin Bangalore for 35 days and spent over Rupees sixty thousand, with no positive results. On the contrary my condition worsened and started getting even more cramps. To my luck I came came across Dr. A.P. Bandodkars Website: and decided to give his treatment a try. I can honestly say that from the day of my first treatment, I could feel the relief. As I continued with my sessions, my stubborn surgical case cured completely without surgery in 22 days only. I feel like a new person with a new back. Therefore I strongly recommend his Naturopathy / Magneto biology treatment for patients suffering from slipped disc, sciatica, backache as this treatment is painless, without any side effect and very result oriented.

2. Anabella Rodrigues, Hotel Paulino Near Hospicio, Margao Goa India Ph: 2702615 My case was diagnosed as Herniation of DISC (slipped DISC) in multiple regions of neck which was not responding to conventional mode of treatment. My condition was pathetic as I was experiencing lightening pain radiating downward from neck to the arms. The pain was so severe that it affected my normal activities. One of my friend advised Dr. A.P. Bandodkar’s Magneto biology / Naturopathy Treatment. To my surprise my stubborn so called incurable malady was cured completely. I thank you for relieving me completely of the constant debilitating pain I had in my neck and back. I regained range of motion and have been pain free and don't have to rely on pain medications to get me through the day. I strongly recommend Doctor Bandodkar’s amazing result oriented treatment to those suffering from all backbone diseases. Dr. Bandodkars treatment was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

3. Gregery Fernandes Benaulim Goa India, mob.9822157005 I was diagnosed with slipped disc. I suffered from unbearable pain in back that made my life miserable emotionally as well as physically. I've tried various types of physical therapy and medication over the years without any successful results. I was even told that I would have to go for surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. But Dr. A.P. Bandodkars treatment results were amazing. The night after the first session I could feel the change. I was able to get the first good night of sleep after a long time. After completing the total treatment sessions I'm back up on my feet and virtually pain free. I now can lead a normal healthy life. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who would like to get cured of slipped disc without surgery. If you're suffering with serious back issues, don't delay. Make an appointment to see Dr.Bandodkar. You will be amazed with incredible results

4. Mr. Frankie Valse, Navelim Goa India: suffering from severe back pain, knee pain and neck for a very long period not responding to any other treatment. Only 25 days treatment in clinic needed to relieve him completely, that to long back.

5. Subhash Tulaskar, SVM, aged 55; suffered back pain for quite a long time. Other treatments failed to give him any relief. He was successfully treated long back.

6. Mrs. Laxmi Maruti Kumbhar, Housing Board, Margao Goa India Ph. 2752424 ; severe back pain, neck pain, knee pain, as a matter of fact she suffered pain all over body, which was not responding to any other treatments. She was successfully treated about 10 years and there is no recurrence of pain till now.

7. Mingelina D'Costa (45), Mandopa Navelim Goa India: Severe back pain (X-Ray report L5 sacralised) relieved completely in 28 days.

8. Rosario Barreto Ardh Fond, H. No. 50/A, Paiguinim; very chronic backache not responding to any other treatments relieved about 2 years back.
He is working as shovel operator.

9. Mr. Pramod Kudchadkar, Fatorda Goa India Mob: 9822128928: Very Chronic Cervical Spondylosis and Lumbar Spondylosis relieved 6 years back.

10. Mr.Joseph Almeida, Margao Goa India : His chronic cervical and lumbar spondylosis completely relived about 10 years back.