Insomnia or sleeplessness may be classified as transient insomnia, short term insomnia or chronic insomnia. Transient insomnia usually occurs during travel and usually disappears when one returns to regular sleep pattern. Short term insomnia may occur due family illness or due to job stress or accident. Chronic variety is serious problem and can ruin your health both physically and mentally.


According to naturopathy, accumulation of waste and morbid materials and toxins in the system and lowered vitality is the main cause of sleeplessness as this matter irritates the nervous system and naturally disturbs the sleep.

Other causes are
Mental tension due to anxiety, worry, over-excitement, anger and bitterness are the main causes of sleeplessness.
Another cause is suffering from abdominal disorder such as gas trouble, constipation and dyspepsia.

In my clinic insomnia and many disease of CNS is treated using various treatment modalities. This helps relax muscles and nerves and function of CNS is normalized. I also give valuable advice on dietherapy, chromotherapy Yogasana, relaxation and meditation.


Case Reports:

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My case was diagnosed as severe chronic major Depression and Insomnia (sleeplessness). I was getting spells of dizziness also due to lack of blood supply to the brain. Due to these life threatening problems I lost interest in day to day activities. My digestion and appetite became very poor and suffered severe constipation. I was getting cramps all over body. There was deep fear of moving around as I thought that I may get hurt due to accident. I was not able to see sunlight and suffering from photophobia and pain in the eyes. There was difficulty in swallowing with reduced saliva. My condition was pathetic and miserable. I visited many doctors with different treatments, including psychological treatment, but they failed to give me any relief and my condition worsened day by day. Finally one of my close friend suggested Dr. A. P. Bandodkar's Magnetobiology / Nature cure treatment. And after undergoing his Holistic treatment which is without any side effect, my all above problems completely cured in just 20 days treatment. I was stunned by his amazing, result oriented treatment. Now I am leading absolutely normal life, I got a new lease of life. The wonder of his treatment is that there is no recurrence of any of the above problems for last 3 years and I therefore strongly recommend his treatment to those suffering from above problems.