Depression may be defined as feeling of guilt, unworthiness or helplessness, persistent sadness, pessimism, loss of interest or pleasure in usual activity including sex; difficulty in concentration, fatigue or lack of energy, anxiety, aggression, agitation, panic, irritability, slow speech and slow movements. Some patients lose interest in eating and lose weight, whereas some go on eating and gain weight. As the malady progresses some patients' body temperature gets lower and they suffer from low blood pressure, frequent cold and cough, constipation etc. Depending upon the symptoms exhibited by the patient you may be having reactive depression, endogenous depression or maniac depression and suicidal tendencies occur in major depression.



The disturbance of relationship in women especially loss of either by way of death or other way of loved one, broken love affair, frequent failure in any sphere like business etc. are the major causative factors. It may be due to suffering from chronic diseases such eczema, asthma, bronchitis or side effects of indiscriminate use of pain killers, etc.



My combined holistic treatment tremendously improve blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, increases oxygen intake considerably thereby supplying all valuable nutrients that help cleansing the whole brain of accumulated toxins. Once the brain tissues are detoxified, it starts working normally producing normal amount of hormones serotonin and melatonin that helps overcome depression as well as most of disorders related to CNS such as sleeplessness, Parkinsonís disease, Epilepsy, Paralysis, etc.