Ideal Treatment for Neck Pain, Spondylitis without surgery or medicines


Spondylitis has become the most common problem in today’s stressful, fast competitive life and persons between age group of 24 to 30 years are also not spared. The experience of the patients who had undergone various treatments available, that it is incurable. But the following case reports are sure to make you think otherwise.I have relieved completely a large number of chronic spondylitis/spondylosis cases suffering from 2 to 20 years between age group of 25 to 70 years that defied other systems of treatments. How?? Just read the following.

It is found that tense person, clerks, typists, engineers, draughtsman, drivers, coolies, teachers suffer more than others.

Causes: According to Naturopathy the major cause of malady is weakness caused to our skeletal (bony), muscular, circulatory and immune system brought by wrong dietary habits i.e. indulgence in junk, oily, fast foods which are devoid of valuable nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Similarly lack of exercise, exercise beyond your capacity, wrong postures of sleeping, writing, seating, using a thick pillow, using AC throughout day and night, severe tension are contributing factors for neck pain.

Symptoms:Pain and stiffness in the neck region are main symptoms of cervical spondylosis. The pain may radiate to the posterior part of the head or upper back between two shoulders. There may be tenderness over the muscles of neck. Many patients suffer from vertigo, dizziness which is caused due to spasm of vertebral arteries which supply the portion of brain responsible for balancing the body. There may be nausea or vomiting.

Treatment: Naturopathic mode of treatment is found highly effective in curing majority of cases, even in long standing cases without any adverse side effects. In Clinic I use my own devised method consisting of about 7-8 therapies found highly effective as it improves / normalize blood circulation in the neck and head region which removes pressure on nerve roots and blood vessels, and also strengthens muscular and bony systems. About 25 days treatment is required for complete cure.

Case Reports:
(1)Siddesh Kalangutkar, H.No. 638, Firngya Bhat, Nerul, Bardez Mob: 7775820402. My mother aged 58 years suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. She had giddiness, turning on any side. Doing any household work was very difficult task. She did not have any relief from other mode of treatments. But with Dr. Bandodkar's Natural Pain Cure Treatment my mother's stubborn case quickly relieved in just 14 days only. Now she doesn't have any pain, giddiness and leading a normal life - (2) Rosy Mascarenhas, Nuvem, Goa India Ph. 2790056: She was suffering from cervical spondylosis and severe back pain for about 7 years or so that defied all other systems of treatment. Only 30 days were enough to relieve both the problems completely about 2 years back.
(3) Carmen Miranda, Lotoulim: 4-5 years severe cervical Spondylitis, with severe giddiness and vomiting, not responding to any other treatment relieved 8-9 years back, no recurrence till now.
(4) Pallavi Naik, Sancoale, Vasco, Goa India : Spondylosis with giddiness relieved 3 years back.
(5) Reginaldo Rodrigues, Siketim, Navelim, Goa India : extremely chronic disorder relieved 4 years back completely.
(6) E.P.F. Braganza, Pedda / London Ph. 2789167 / 00442088889109: Cervical spondylitis, back pain and gout of 25 years old relieved 4 years back.
(7) Mr. Umakant Talaulikar, Cuncolim, Goa India : Cervical spondylitis with giddiness and back pain due to both sided sciatica (the patient was almost bedridden) relieved 5-6 years back. No further treatment needed till now.
(8) Mrs. Prisca Fernandes, Colva/London, England: I had treated her in February 2002 for cervical Spondylosis with giddiness in my clinic for 25 days only, which relieved her problem completely. No recurrence till now. Similarly I also successfully treated her husband for his back pain.
(9) Mrs. Eugina D’Souza, Anjuna Ph. 9822137829: After failure of all other treatment she came for my treatment for cervical spondylitis with giddiness, sleeplessness and pain in shoulders which made her almost bed ridden. She was totally relied about 9 years back and no further treatment were needed till now.
(10) Mrs. Kranti Ghorpade, MPT Vasco, Goa India Ph. 2520454: She suffered Cervical Spondylitis for nearly 6-7 years and had to be admitted in the hospital on several occasion and continued to suffer. But my treatment in clinic relieved her problem about 10 years back. No recurrence till now.
(11) Frankie Valse, Navelim : severe spondylitis of long duration cured totally about 12 years back. No recurrence till now.
(12) Khurshid Sadekar, Malbhat Margao, Goa India : Spondylosis with giddiness every half an hour or so, ringing in the ears and sleeplessness not responding to any other treatments cured about 12 years back. No recurrence till now. Later on his many friends had been treated successfully of their Spondylitis.
(13) F. A. Rodrigues, Curtorim, Goa India: Spondylosis with giddiness and knee pain relieved long back.