Brain Stroke / Paralysis


Paralysis is defined as loss of power or sensation or both in a muscle. If the loss is only slight, the condition is known as paresis. Paralysis of only one limb either an arm or leg is called monoplegia and paralysis of both legs together, the arm being free is called paraplegia. Though hemiplegia is an old age problem, now-a-days we find that persons around 35 years of age are also getting the attack of stroke. The stroke or apoplexy is a condition characterized by sudden loss of consciousness and paralysis of one side of the body. It is caused due to interference of functions of the brain by rupture of an artery or obstruction of blood flow in the artery by blood clot. What is Brain Stroke: The cells of the brain cannot stand cessation of supply of blood for a few minutes, which is responsible for causing death of these cells affected by lack of blood supply. So the functions controlled by that part are affected.



With old age, the arteries thicken and lose their elasticity. Slowly the lumen of the blood vessels becomes narrow and it may cause clotting of blood and this obstruction deprives the cells of that part of the brain of the blood supply. If one suffers from high blood pressure for a long time, the vessels may not stand the pressure and one of them may burst, resulting in hemorrhage causing stroke. Sometimes a piece of blood clot (embolus) may travel from other parts of the body and lodge in the blood vessels, causing obstruction of blood supply. High cholesterol, arteriosclerosis are also important causative factors.


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Accumulation of waste and morbid matter and toxins is the principle cause of paralysis and other diseases of the central nervous systems such as Parkinsonís disease, dementia and epilepsy.




Combined holistic treatment helps improve function of the brain by cleansing brain tissues of accumulated waste and morbid matter and toxins that help improving tone of effected blood vessels, nerves and muscles as it tremendously improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the body.