Infertility means inability to conceive after one year of regular unprotected (without using any contraceptive method) coitus. If there is no issue after about one or more years of marriage, it causes tremendous tension in the minds of the couples and it has become a habit of the family members, especially of old people, for blaming the women, though now it has been confirmed that about 45 per cent cases of infertility show that the defect lies in men.



One of the major causes is defective spermatogenesis (i.e. defective formation and development of sperms). If your sperm count is very low, i.e. below 20 million sperms per cubic centimeter of semen, it is very difficult to fertilize the egg. Similarly, 40 per cent of sperms must be active and 60% of them must have normal shape. For proper development and function of sperms, the scrotal temperature should be 3 degree F lower than the body temperature. Abnormally high temperature kills the sperms. It is found that tight underpants and trousers raise the scrotal temperature which kills the sperms. Psychological problems like depression also are responsible for infertility. Impotence and premature ejaculation are also major causative factors. Severe diabetes, extreme obesity, fatigue, heavy smoking, alcoholism, aging, etc cause infertility through impotency.



My combined holistic treatment is highly effective as it helps normalizing the function of genitary organs i.e. improve sperm count and health of sperm, relieves sexual impotency and premature ejaculation, lowers scrotal temperature and normalize function of nervous and circulatory systems connected to the genitary organs. Similarly it helps cleanse / detoxify the body of accumulated toxins. Also attention should be paid on diet. Major portion of your food should be in the form of natural fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, and nuts. Proper rest, relaxation, proper exercise, auto suggestion-positive thinking will help.