"Dr. A. P. Bandodkar, has been serving the cause of alternative medicine through Naturopathy for last 30 years in Margao-Goa-India. He has been combining various aspects of Naturopathy with a stress on his unique mode of treatment, in which he uses number of drugless therapies like Magnetobiology/ Vibro therapy/ Acupressure therapy/ Pyramid therapy/ Chakra therapy etc . He has been achieving marvelous success in long standing (chronic/degenerative) diseases especially those of Bones, Muscles, Nerves and all diseases caused due to weak blood circulation and any type of pain in any part of the body. He calls his novel method as “Natural Pain Cure” method. Besides the above mode of treatment he also advises the intake of Natural live vegetarian food, Positive thoughts, Autosuggestion and Self confidence, Juice therapy, Hydrotherapy, Fasting and Epsom salt bath, Exercises / Rest / Relaxation, etc. He is an active writer in medical columns for various English and Marathi newspapers and magazines. Read more about him in his interview published in The Goan newspaper"


Successfully Treating Without Surgery




Back Pain


Slipped Disc



Frozen Shoulder


Sports Injuries


Tennis Elbow


Vericose Veins

Heel Spur

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Facial Paralysis

Sexual Dysfunction


Hearing Loss

High Cholesterol