Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes Mellitus is spreading in Goa like an epidemic, even person around 35 years or so are not spared, affecting both men and women equally. Similarly incidence of Juvenile Diabetes is increasing dramatically. Diabetes is classified as Type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and type 2 - NIDDM i.e. non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, or adult onset diabetes and about 90% of all diabetes have this form.



It is a metabolic endocrine disorder where there is improper regulation of blood sugar level. It occurs when our cells of Langerhans do not produce any or enough insulin leading to excessive sugar in the blood and some passes in urine. Frequent use of pain killers, steroids is also responsible for elevating blood sugar level. Smoking and excessive alcohol is bad for functioning of pancreas. Lack of exercise also affects functioning of pancreas.


My View

The most rational explanation for development of Diabetes is due to Goan’s unhealthy lifestyle, sedentary habits, consumption of excessive quantity of Junk-Fast foods-nutrition less foods, foods loaded with unnatural chemicals etc. I strongly believe that accumulation of various foreign matters / unnatural chemicals – pollutions - toxins; waste and morbid matters in the body affects proper functioning of cell of Langerhans which fail to produce sufficient quantity of insulin needed for proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.



If you are suffering from some of the following symptoms then you may be suffering from diabetes and blood test fasting and 2 hours after food will confirm the diagnosis: increased appetite, loss of weight, blurred vision, weakness and fatigue, itching especially at genital region, sensation as if ants are crawling, unhealthy wounds, frequent urination especially at night, excessive thirst and appetite, feeling hungry and craving for sugar etc. are main symptoms.



My combined holistic treatment stimulates acupuncture points connected to pancreas, improves blood and lymph circulation not only to the whole abdomen, but that of the whole body; that helps stimulate the function of cell of Langerhans (which produce insulin) which is essential for overcoming the malady. Special easy exercises, proper healthy diet and other measures are suggested wherever necessary.