Treatment for Sinusitis


Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. All human being are four pairs of sinuses, which connect to the nasal passages through a series of holes and interconnections. Four sinuses are frontal, spenoid, ethmoid and maxillary sinuses.

It is found that tense person, clerks, typists, engineers, draughtsman, drivers, coolies, teachers suffer more than others.

Causes: It occurs when the mucus producing linings of the sinuses become inflammed, and by far the most frequent cause of this condition is blockage of the ostia. Once these opening are clogged foreign material can't get out, oxygen level drops and baceteria in the nasal cavity slither into sinuses, causing the sinus wall to swell and fill with pus.

Symptoms:Pressure behind the eyes, nasal obstruction, difficulty breathing through the nose, feeling of fullness in the face, foul smell in the nose, toothache occasionally.

Treatment: It is found that conventional mode of treatment is not effective in curing this malady and people suffer from years despite medications. My mode of treatment found highly effective even in chronic cases and relieve chronic cases very fast.

Case Reports:
I was suffering from sinusitis with blockage of nose and sneezing for more than 10 years or so. I tried many systems, but I could not get any relief. There was great difficulty breathing through nose. Then Dr. A. P. Bandodkar holistic treatment completely relieved my case quickly. - Marcelino Rebello, Sirvodem / Navelim. Mob: 8007074533 : 9/5/16.
(2) I was suffering from sinusitis / allergic rhinitis for a long period. The conventional mode of treatment and other therapies failed to give me any relief. But Dr. A. P. Bandodkar's Nature cure treatment cured my problem quickly. - T. N. Ponda.