Manage your High Cholesterol by Natural Treatment


Cholesterol is oil based substance. It is carried around the body lipoprotein - LDL, HDL, VLDL carry cholesterol to the tissues. Functions of Cholesterol (1) Allowing the body to produce Vit D (2) Enabling the body to make certain hormones, make up digestive bile acids in the intestines, contributing to the structure of cell walls: It is used to produce steroid hormones required for normal development - producing sex hormones - estrogen, progesterone in women and testosterone in man. Normal range of cholesterol generally accepted by the most of doctors. Total cholesterol less than 200mg/dl. Your total cholesterol level is the overall amount of cholesterol found in your blood. It consists of LDL, HDL and triglycerides level 200-239 is considered borderline high. LDL optimal value below 100mg/dl; 100 to 129 near optimal HDL optimal level is 60mg/dl and above. Triglyceride less than 150mg/dl. About 85% cholesterol is produced by your liver and only 15% is donated by your food. High cholesterol means your liver functions are at optimal level or working effectively. But very high cholesterol can cause many adverse side effects such as causing chest pain, heart attack, stroke, even non alcoholic fatty liver disease, reduced blood flow to heart muscles and other part of the body. It is hazardous to kidney causing reduced glomular filtration rate numbness, peripheral artery disease, claudication etc.

Causes of Hypercholesteromia: Your unhealthy food is the main cause of high cholesterol including LDL and triglycerides. Consumption of high level of sugar is a major cause of elevation cholesterol level and also causing many risk factors for heart disease, such as endothelial dysfunction, hardening of arteries elevated blood pressure, metabolic dysfunction obesity etc.

Sugar favours oxidation of LDL that can cause atherosclerosis similarly excess consumption of other unhealthy foods such as meat, eggs, milk, refined vegetable oil, transfats (it increases IR and prevent synthesis of Prostacyclin), refined carbohydrates can damage your arteries causing ED and atherosclerosis, so also processed foods and junk and fried foods (frying with refined vegetable oil causes LDL to be oxidized. Chronic stress can also elevate your cholesterol level.

Modern Magnetotherapy / Naturopathy treatment: It significantly improve blood circulation by dilating all blood vessels, including coronary arteries thereby supplying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The method help detoxify your kidneys, liver and GIT that help eliminating excess of cholesterol from the body.

I strongly advise you to drink green solarized magnetised water 700 ml per day. Special attention must be given to natural organic plant whole food that consist mineral vitamins and antioxidants. Special diet will be advised to each patient according to his overall health conditions.