Gout is the extremely painful type of arthritis. It is characterized by recurring and sudden onset of pain, tenderness, warmth, redness, swelling (occasional feverishness) of affected joint and caused due to high level of uric acid in the body. Gout usually affects a single joint such as big toes. But the knee, ankle, foot, hand, wrist or elbow may be affected.


The main cause of the gout is excessive amount of production of uric acid which in turn caused due to consumption of excessive amount of junk fast foods, hotel foods, animal proteins, oily foods stuffs, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, smoking and consuming foods/beverages/water loaded with unnatural chemicals, constant use of cosmetic, lack of exercise and taking negligible quantity of live/positive foods in the form of vegetables.


The treatment is usually given by own devised method 'natural pain cure therapy together with Naturopathy, Diet-therapy, Juice therapy and exercises, etc.


Case Report
1. Mr. E.P.F. Braganza, Pedda/London Ph. 2789167 / 00442088889109, 123 Ferrant Avenue, Wood green, London N22, 6PE. I was suffering from Gouty Arthritis for nearly 25 years or so. My both legs were badly affected. I could not walk or climb steps without experiencing severe pain. I was almost bed ridden despite taking treatment from London based doctors over 25 years. I approached Dr A P Bandodkar for treatment after reading his articles published in Navhind Times. I started getting effect after 10 days or so and to my great surprise my problem relived within 40 sittings. It is already 5-6 years passed no recurrence till now. I can now walk like a normal person and can play badminton, table tennis and take part in other sports activities.

2. Mr. Sirote Fernandes Mob: 9822164005 My Knee, Back and Leg pain of 5-6 years duration due to high uric acid relived completely 1 year back by Dr A P Bandodkar's treatment to which other treatments failed to give any relief.